by Jean-Paul PASSAMA

- The software enables the handling of Pairs Tournaments, from 1 – 5 sessions (with possibility of a « cut »), calculating the results as pairs %, multiduplicate or dattum.

- For the «Masters Roy René»Tournament the results are sent via Internet to the Central Server. (You shall need an Internet connection on your PC).

- Easy handling for all operations, mainly entering of pairs, entering the scores at play’s end (multiple functions for adjusted scores, tournament average, checking for « impossible » scores, vulnerabilty errors, double ranking etc.), publishing local rankings in 1 or 2 columns, with mixing for first places, possibility to communicate results to any Internet Home-page, possibilty to send via e-mail personal performance sheets to specific participants.

- Show of a timer graphic on full screen during play, indicating time left for each board and annoucing changes.

- Complete filing of each Player with personal data sheet, possibility of club rankings (on average, on Master Points, on ranking points).

- Possibility of automatical actualisation of each player’s data sheet (Master Points, National and International Ranking etc.) at playing season’s end.

Registering, restoring and exportation of player data file to Excel.