What is the « Masters Roy René » Tournament ?

-A Simultaneous Pairs Event of high pedagogical standard
-30 specially composed and commented deals
-A booklet per player containing the played deals and their comments
-A staggering number of Master Points
-Deals that all bridge-teachers may and will employ for their lessons

 What is special about this « Masters Roy René » ?
 The fact, that the deals aren't randomly generated by a computer, but composed and selected by a team of experts with a specific pedagogical aim and assuring a balance of strength among lines and pairings. This tournament mainly addresses the solidly advancing player, inviting him to put into practice his technical knowledge while showing him how to improve his bidding as well as declarer's play and defense.

This « Masters Roy René »Simultaneous Tournament will now expand to European Level. It will be played on each 4th Wednesday of the current month.

The comments to the deals will be included in tiny Tournament Booklets, which are distributed among players at the end of each event. They will also be available on our Internet Home-Page as soon as the tournament is over. The rankins will also be published on our Internet Home-Page, 2 hours after the event.

Please note that homologation of all tournament played after the publication of deals and comments on Internet will be refused.

The « Masters Roy René » will be an EUROPEAN Event, meaning that the same deals are played simultaneously in bridgeclubs from France, England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland etc. It also means that there will be three different rankings for each pair : the internal club ranking, a national and a european ranking.

 Your access to the Tournament is the Internet. From there you may get the deals and the scoresheets, send your club results, look for the comments and the different rankings. For all this to function we have developed a fitting software for you to use. It is extremely easy to handle and will enable you :

-to have access to the traveller sheets of the tournament to be played
-to enter the results of your club and send them to our server to be included in national and european ranking.

 Should your club not be connected to the Internet yet, you have 2 options :

- employ a clubmember's private connection to accede to the tournament as well as enter and send the filed club results.
- Purely on a provisorical basis send us your club results via Telefax also forwarding some club credit card's number we may be able to discount the tournament fee from.

 Concerning the cost,

-The software "Bridge-Club" is free of charge (but if you prefer your usual software, please contact us).
-The Table Fee will amount to € 2,70 per player and tournament. The payments will be made by Internet Banking and automatically validate your participation.

We are most happy to announce that the first edition is completely free.

 For any sort of supplimentary information please feel free to contact us immediately via :

Bridge-Club Software

In the "Tournaments"-Menu click on the button "New".
Appears a window : click on "Masters Roy Rene"...appears a small square underneath: fill in the number of the tournament (1= January, 2= February, 3= you've guessed it...etc.). Now validate the entrance and the window disappears.

Still in the "Tournaments"-Menu click on "Pairs" and proceed with the filing of the pairs to participate. As Tournament Movement choose HOWELL (should you have only 7 to 11 participating pairs) otherwise MITCHELL (12 or more).
Choose now the Tournament Options suiting your play preferences (Number of boards to be played, number of boards per round etc.) For that purpose you may get help by downloading the instructions called
Organizing a Masters Roy René Tournament" from this same Website. They will also provide printable models of the Tournament Moving Sheets, which you give each pair in case of a Howell Movement...

You may now go to the Top Bar, press "Tournaments" (this is not the Menu Button, mind you) and "Download Traveller's Sheets" then "Print Traveller's Sheets". The printer will start humming and provide 2 Traveller's Sheets with 2 deals per A4 Paper Sheet. (Have scissors handy).

Prepare now your stacks of boards per table, adding the corresponding Traveller's Sheet to each board.
Call the pairs and have them take their seats and start duplication (under specific conditions, this may concern only the EW pairs).

Call the first change. The Tournament may now begin.

At the end of play, collect the Traveller's Sheets and start entering the scores ("Tournament"-Menu, "Scores"-button...).
Having finished, go back to the Top Bar, press "Tournaments", then "Send via Internet".

End of story. General Rankings will appear on our Website a few hours later. You may publish your local rankings at once, of course. For more information, please consult...